Tuesday, 12 May 2009

SVA day

Last night I worked till 10.30 on the kit trying to get it finished for the big day...

And this is how it looked at 06.30

Exhaust Bracket

I then fitted the exhaust bracket.


With the seats in you can then fit the mirrors.

Nose and Bonnet

Next was to fit the nose, and trim the bonnet and fit.

Trimming the kit

The fun part was trimming the carpet and fitting it....

I glued the carpet in with contact adhesive (don't do this in the garage)

When the carpet is in the seats and harnesses were fitted.

Filler cap

Fit the fuel cap to the body.
I fitted mine this way as I didn't want problems filling the tank (common fault with this kind of setup is the bend in the pipe wont let you fill it quickly without splash back)

Fuel pump

Next was to fit the fuel pump so i could start it!
With a few false starts it went.